x Tough Mudder // Commercial Photography // Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.


Ruff Mudder

Pet mega-giant, in collaboration with Tough Mudder, is sponsoring the first ever, Ruff Mudder - a dog mud run. These visuals were produced for diverse cross promotion use.



Crazy enough, this project was shot outdoors in broad daylight. We shot on a massive white vinyl backdrop, which could handle the abuse from the water and mud. Also, the sun gave us 80% of the light we needed to get a natural, day-lit look, without needing big watt strobes to expose the vinyl.

I used 1 Profoto B1X 500 W strobe on Freeze Mode with a 3ft Profoto Octa Box for fill from high camera right. I removed the front diffusion to allow the silver bounce to hit the dog - the reduced diffusion helped with not only exposure on the dog, but with freezing the motion - the more light hitting, the more exposed frozen motion.


That’s pretty much it. It ended up being a really simple, 20 minute shoot. As usual, I’m happy to read your thoughts and questions in the comments!