El Roi Photo Re-Launch // Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. // Photographer


It's been a long time coming. 

4 months ago, I essentially vanished from the internet, without notice or trace - I stopped posting on all social media platforms and closed down my old website.

It was time for change. 

I needed to realign, reconsider, redesign, rediscover and rebrand, not just El Roi Photo, but my own identity as a creative human.

Somewhere along the way, I felt as though I'd gotten lost in the social media circus that never sleeps. I found myself constantly checking notifications, posting random content just to keep up relevancy and wasting time engaging in fruitless scrolling. It was an endless cycle.

During this rest, I've not only grown as a person, but as a creative entrepreneur. Though I wasn't sharing, I didn't stop shooting! I have tons of new projects and musings to share. 

Check out my newly designed website to see some of my latest work!

In summary, the vision for El Roi Photo is clearer now than it's ever been and I look forward to growing with my creative family and clientele - let's create together!


Javier Edwards, Photographer at El Roi Photo
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